Quail Egg Cartons - 12 Egg Capacity with seconds

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Buy 50 quail egg cartons, get another 50 cartons (seconds, slightly damaged) for $10!

You get 50 brand new best quality quail egg cartons, plus and extra 50 that are of b-grade quality with some slight damage. When our containers arrive to our warehouse, a small percentage are damaged in shipping. We collect them up and have a sale every 6 months and offer them at a huge discount. Damage is very minor (bent edges, pushed in plastic) and is hardly noticeable. All cartons are in working order.

While supplies last, not eligible for free shipping or any other offers. Returns not accepted.

These egg cartons are made specifically for quail eggs. Each carton securely holds 12 coturnix quail eggs, even jumbo sized. Snaps closed, no staples or elastics needed.