Chicken Feed - Chick starter, grower and layer

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We cannot ship this item. Pickup only. Please read below.

We have three chickens feeds available. All are non-medicated and formulated to help grow and maintain a healthy flock. Available in 12 and 25kg bags. Organic available by special request.

Chick starter: up to 6 weeks

Grower: slowly add in at 4 weeks until whole ration is grower at 6 weeks

Layer: for laying hens 18 weeks and older

We cannot ship this item. We cannot ship this item. Pick up from our warehouse in North York only. Feed must be ordered in advance. We have a feed delivery every 2 weeks in the spring/summer. If you place and order and do not pick up, we will charge a 10% restocking fee. Discounts or coupons can not be applied to this item. By purchasing this item you agree to the above terms. Contact us for more details here.