Our Chicken Arks

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Based on a classic English design, but modified for the Canadian climate, our chicken arks are a perfect addition to any backyard farm. The ark only uses a footprint of 8x4' making it ideal for even the smallest of yards. Up to 4 regular (or 6 bantam) sized chickens will fit comfortably in all seasons.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Each ark is handmade in Canada by an experienced craftsman using the best construction techniques, tools and materials. All of our designs are tested with actual chickens to make sure they work as intended and to offer the chickens the best possible environment to live in. Many companies are selling "handmade" coops which are simply made overseas of low quality materials and are poorly constructed. After half a season, most of these coops fall apart or start to rot. If you would like to know who is making your coop, let us know and we'd be happy to have you meet the craftsmen responsible for our lovely coops. Each coop is stamped with our logo and numbered.


The Run: Your hens will spend most of their time in the fenced run area. This is where they will access their feed and water, have a dust bath and wait for some fresh table scraps. Each end of the run opens to give you access to your hens and their rations.

The Coop: Above the run is the actual housing, the coop. This is where the chickens will retire for the night and lay their eggs. Inside the coop is a nice long perch to sleep your birds every night. One side of the coop is removable for easy cleaning. Two handles make the job of lifting even easier.

The Nest Boxes: At each end of the coop, there is a nest box. This is where your hens will do their magic and leave delicious eggs for you and your family to enjoy. The nest boxes are easily accessible from the outside to make it easy to collect the eggs.

The Ramp: The chickens are free to travel between the coop and the run via the ramp in the floor of the coop. The ramp can be pulled up at night for added security by pulling the draw cable from the outside of the ark.





We use spruce, pine, maple and plywoods in the construction of our arks. When possible, we use FSC certified wood. All wood is Canadian grown, and not from low-quality oversees stock. We only use galvanized welded wire mesh on our arks. Unlike chicken wire, our mesh will hold up against raccoon, cat and fox attacks better. Predators will try their best, but will simply give up after finding there is no way in. The galvanized coating on the mesh protects the steel from the elements and will not rust as quickly as unprotected steel.


Our chicken arks are designed to keep your chickens in, and predators out. The galvanized welded wire mesh runs around the outside of the run as well as underneath to keep digging predators like dogs, coyotes and foxes out. The access doors to the run and the nest boxes have bolt latches that even the smartest raccoon won't be able to get past.


Each coop comes fully assembled and ready to install. All finishes will be applied and dry. Simply mark out the footprint of the coop in your yard and we'll install it. Within half an hour, you'll be ready to give your chickens the keys to their new home! Delivery to locations highlighted on the map is included. For a quote on delivery prices outside of these areas, please contact us.

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Colours and Finishes

Each ark will withstand the elements for a couple of seasons without a finish, but it's best to protect it. When you order, just specify which finishing option you'd like. We offer 3 finishing options:

No Finish: If you fancy yourself a painter, we can leave it bare. Delivery will have to be scheduled to work with the weather. Untreated wet lumber takes some time to dry before you'll be able to finish it yourself. This is a great option if you had a specific colour of finish in mind.
Solid Colour Stain: We use high quality low-VOC solid colour stains. These stains last for years even in our cold winters. Stain is applied to exterior surfaces that will come in contact with direct moisture.
Boiled Linseed Oil: If you love the natural look of bare wood, boiled linseed is your best option. Linseed oil will need reapplication every year or two, but it is very easy to apply. Boiled linseed oil is applied to exterior surfaces that will come in contact with direct moisture. Although we only offer 5 stain colours, custom colours can be used. Some times it's nice to try to match an existing fence or shed. Contact us for a quote on a different colour.


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