Live Animal Policy

When we sell live animals which includes chicks, adult birds and fertilized eggs. These products cannot be shipped under any circumstance and must be picked up locally in North Etobicoke. We do not allow visitors to our place of business for security and bio-security reasons. All meeting with take place at a third-party location.

We do not accept live animals as returns. All animals are delivered to the customer with the utmost of care. All live animals and eggs are packaged (free of charge) using techniques that we have deemed to be the safest for the animal. Once animals have left our care we have no way of knowing what factors may have contributed to their illness, death or injury.

Hatching eggs are not guaranteed to hatch. We collect and store our eggs to ensure the best possible hatch rates, but once they have left our care, rates can decline for many reason including:

  • temperature changes
  • shaking or dropping during transportation by buyer
  • incubator failure
  • human error

We have a hatch rate of 96% in house and we have had customers match or beat our rate with our eggs. To hatch an egg, an incubator is required.

Responsibilities of the seller (Spade and Feather):

  1. Ensure that all live animals are in good health at time of transaction.
  2. Ensure that all live animals are packaged safely and humanely.

Responsibilities of the buyer:

  1. Have an understanding of raising purchased live animal.
  2. Be prepared to care for the purchased live animal.
  3. Have reasonable transportation to get the live animal home.

Spade and Feather can halt the sale of live animals, using their own discretion, at any time and all funds will be refunded for the transaction using the original payment method. Buyers using public transit (buses, streetcars, rail or subway) will be refused.

Quail cannot be sexed before 6 weeks of age and as a result, are sold straight-run. With adult quail we try our best to sex them but mistakes are sometimes made. Please inspect birds before purchasing to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of sexing. There are no refunds, returns or exchanges offered on mis-sexed quail.

Live animals are not toys, they are living things. They must be treated humanely and with great care.