From finding customers, marketing your eggs, packaging and how to keep customers coming back!

Quail Eggs

Selling quail eggs on a small scale to supplement your income or on a large scale as a full time pursuit can be very profitable and rewarding. We'll look at ways to market your eggs, find a viable market, and ways to get customers to return to purchase more of your eggs.

Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are not controlled by a governing body that restricts number of birds and where you can sell your eggs. In most jurisdictions, you are free to sell your eggs at the farm gate, to stores and restaurants.

Finding Your Market

Individual Customers

Selling to neighbours and friends is always a good start. They will help get word out that you are selling eggs and will put you in contact with other potential customers.

Posting on Facebook is also a great way to reach people in your circle of friends and their friends. Use original images of your quail eggs and hens to entice people to comment and connect with you.

Many of our customers find that selling at farmer's markets is a great way to connect with customers. You can stock pile eggs throughout the week for a Saturday market. Quail eggs sell very fast a farmer's markets and many people return every week to shop.

Putting a sign up at the end of your driveway offering quail eggs is also a great way to get customers. Posting a price will help draw people in and result in more sales.


Trying to get into larger chains stores is near impossible. They are looking to buy for their whole chain, not just the local store. Small independent grocers and specialty stores are always interested in stocking local product, especially unusual ones like quail eggs.A retailer will need to make a profit on your eggs so make sure you sell them to the retailer with enough space for them to make it worth their while. When selling in bulk to a retailer you don't need to make as much per carton of eggs as it is a single large order: it's one transaction, it's one delivery, it's one customer to deal with.


Your customer is looking to purchase eggs in clean, easy to open, professional looking packaging. We offer two sizes of egg cartons: 12 egg capacity and 24 egg capacity. Both of our cartons snap closed without the use of staples or elastic bands. Both cartons are clear with a large flat space on top for labels. But what's the difference between the two? 

12 Egg capacity cartons

12 egg capacity quail egg carton

Our 12 egg cartons are a good size for a first time customer who isn't sure if they're going to like quail eggs. You can charge a slight premium for this size. Our 12 egg capacity cartons are a little snug if you have TRUE jumbo eggs.

24 Egg capacity cartons

24 egg capacity quail egg carton

Our 24 egg cartons are a great size for the customer that sees value in buying larger quantities and is a regular user of quail eggs. With 3 quail eggs the equivalent of 1 chicken egg, a 24 pack goes a lot further than 12. Our 24 egg cartons are also roomier and fit true jumbo quail eggs.


Quail Egg Carton Label

Customers like to buy product that looks like it is professionally packaged and labeled. Handmade labels on food can put people off and can give your customers the wrong idea of your operation.

We offering customizable and non-customizable quail egg carton labels. Our labels are thermal printer so the ink will never run if it comes in contact with moisture and they will stay stuck in place to the top of the carton.

Our customizable labels will help build your brand by displaying your farm's name, website, email and phone number. By including an address you customer will be happy knowing that they are purchasing from a local farmer rather than a faceless corporation.

customer retention

The best way to keep customers coming back is by offering fresh eggs at a great price with good customer service. If you've got this covered, here are a couple of other things you can try.

Offers like "Get Your 8th Dozen Free" or discounted pricing for multiple cartons will get your customers to buy more and keep them coming back. You can keep track of sales using stamp cards or a written record. This works best when you are selling the eggs yourself, rather than through a retailer.

Another great way is by reselling quail egg scissors. If you haven't used quail egg scissors yet, you need to try them! Quail egg scissors make opening quail eggs easy without breaking eggs or getting shells in your eggs.Once your customer invests in quail egg scissors, they'll want to continue purchasing eggs as they already have the tool to open them. Quail egg scissors can also be used as a free giveaway with multiple carton purchase.We have wholesale quail egg scissors available for you to sell to your customers. We suggest a retail price of $9.99CAD.

Quail egg selling starter kit

Everything you need to get started with selling your quail eggs. You'll get enough carts and labels to sell 60 dozen eggs. Ships FREE or discounted across Canada and the USA. 

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