The traditional Sussex style trug is an essential tool to gardeners all over the world. Whether it's carrying a harvest of vegetables, bunches of delicate flowers or filthy tools to the fields, a well-made trug can do the job.

The trug dates back to 16th century England. It wasn't until the Victorian era that trugs became more popular and were more widely used throughout the British Isles.

Each of our trugs is hand crafted in Canada using the best quality materials. The rims and handles are heat formed using Baltic birch plywood and, unlike other makers, we laminate the pieces with waterproof glue for extra strength and durability. The slats of the trug are made using aircraft plywood, also heat formed, and fixed in place with copper nails for an attractive finish. The feet are made from Canadian grown hardwood (maple, birch and poplar) and set in place with decorative brass washers and screws.

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