Personalized Quail Egg Carton Labels

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Want more quail egg sales? Want to make your packaging look more professional? Our labels are designed for just that. We can add your farm/company name, address, phone number and website/email address at no additional costs for setup. Select from one of our 3 designs, fill in the form below, place your order and we'll print and ship.

Each label is 2.4 x 3.5" and printed on thermal stickers that are waterproof and will not yellow or fade. Labels are individual and do not require any cutting. Simply peel off the back, and place on your cartons. Each design has quail egg nutrition facts available for 9g or 14g eggs for 1 or 2 dozen.

Labels fit Spade & Feather 12 and 24 count quail egg cartons. Fill out the below form when ordering for customization.

For additional customization (adding logos, font changes, etc) we offer more customizable labels here.