Pinless Peepers

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From time to time you may end up with a bad egg, errr, chicken, that pecks your other birds. This can be caused by boredom, lack of proper nutrition, or sometimes for no reason at all. Once you've established why they are doing it and fixed any related issues, you must stop the physical act of pecking. Pinless peepers are a harmless solution that can be used short or long term with no detrimental effects.

Peepers can be installed with or without pliers. The pliers make the task easier especially when working on multiple birds.

Although you may not have a pecking problem right now, these are a great item to have at the ready just in case.

Pinless peepers are constructed of virgin polypropylene plastic material to insure long life and durability of the unit. Stiff construction also insures that these Pinless Peepers will not break or become loose as older models once did.

Made in USA. Pick from 10 great colours or get a mix! Sold in 6, 12, 24 or 100 packs with or without pliers.

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