Fertile Coturnix Quail Eggs - Shipped

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Due to COVID 19 and the related shipping delays, we are not offering eggs this year. 

We are now offering fertile quail eggs from our in house breeders. Eggs are from goldens, whites, browns and crosses of all 3. Our breeders range from large to jumbo sized birds. We breed for quality of bird, not pure size. Orders are a mix of eggs from all varieties. 

Eggs are shipped in our quail egg foam shippers to ensure none break en route. On checkout we recommend selecting Xpresspost shipping so eggs will spend less time in transit. Longer transit times can affect hatching rates.

Although our in house hatch rates vary from 92-96%, we do not guarantee the same results once eggs have been shipped as there are too many factors outside of our control that can influence hatch rates (incubator model, incubation method, power failures, etc). There are no refunds for hatching eggs.

Eggs ship on Monday and Tuesday only so that shipments aren't stuck midway on the weekend. This item only ships within Canada. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to our Live Animal Policy. An incubator is required to hatch these eggs. An order cancellation fee of 50% applies to all hatching eggs.

This item does not qualify for free shipping or discount codes. If free shipping or a discount code is selected/used, your order will be cancelled and a 10% restocking fee will apply.

Once shipped, your order is in the care of Canada Post and any delays are their responsibility. We will refund shipping if there are delays with Canada Post, but not for the value of the eggs.

Demand is usually higher than supply and orders may take extra time to ship when this is the case. This item only ships within Canada.

We do not ship eggs with other items. They must be purchased separately. 

We offer one batch sizes:

24 fertile coturnix eggs (mixed colours)

How to order hatching eggs:

1) Place order for eggs only (do not include other items in your order)
2) Once you have paid, we will email you with available ship dates.
3) Your order will ship on the date available and notification with tracking will be emailed to you.

By ordering this product you are agreeing to the above and any associated policies.