Quail Egg Selling Starter Kit

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Want to test the waters? See what market around you exists for quail eggs? Our Quail Egg Selling Starter Kit is a perfect way to begin your new venture. With supplies to sell 60 dozen eggs, you'll get a good idea of your potential market without a large initial investment.

Just select which label design you prefer, fill in your information, and we'll print pack and ship your order. You'll be selling your quail eggs in no time.

Each kit includes:

20 x 12 egg capacity quail egg cartons
20 x 24 egg capacity quail egg cartons
20 x 1 dozen personalized quail egg labels
20 x 2 dozen personalized quail egg labels
3   x Quail egg scissors

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Egg Cartons

You're customers will love our resealable cartons. Your kit includes 20 of each 24 and 12 egg capacity cartons.

Personalized Labels

Your personalized labels will display your farm name and information prominently on the flat top of your egg cartons. This will help you get return business and more interest in your farm or website. If you don't have a website, adding your email address is a great idea. The labels are die cut and heat printed so the ink never runs.

Quail Egg Scissors

Use these scissors as giveaways to customers or resell them. You'll get 3 pairs in your kit.

Want more information and ideas for marketing your eggs? Read our How To Sell Quail Eggs Guide here.