Quail Egg Scissors Wholesale 100 Pack

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  • $199.99 CAD

Reselling quail egg scissors to your customers is a great way to get them coming back for more of your delicious quail eggs. We suggest a retail price of $9.99CAD. Cost per scissor is $1.99CAD.

Offer quail egg scissors as a reward, "Buy 5 dozen eggs, get free scissors!"

Sell them with your customer's first quail egg purchase at a discount.

Demonstrate how easily a quail egg can be opened with the scissors at market or when customers pick up at the farm gate.

Fact: quail eggs are delicious.

Fact: quail eggs are a pain to crack!

What the solution you ask? These handy quail egg scissors. They're purpose build to delicately cut the end of your quail eggs to help you extract the eggy goodness locked inside the shell.

Stainless steel blades with plastic handles. Colour may vary from photograph.