Bumpa Bits 35mm

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From time to time you may end up with a bad egg, errr, chicken, that pecks your other birds. This can be caused by boredom, lack of proper nutrition, or sometimes for no reason at all. Once you've established why they are doing it and fixed any related issues, you must stop the physical act of pecking. Bumpa Bits are a harmless solution that can be used short or long term with no detrimental effects.

Bumpa Bits work by blocking the beak from closing completely. It has no effect on feeding or drinking (when deep waterers and feeders are used) but stop birds from being able to pull feather and skin of their flockmates.

Bumpa Bits require pliers to install them. Bumpa Bits can be purchased with or without pliers.

Made in USA. Bumpa bits only available in black. Colour of pliers may vary.