Spade & Feather Free Wheel Hoe Plans

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Spade & Feather Free Wheel Hoe Plans

This was originally posted on our old blog, Growing and Making. We've moved it here so that it isn't lost.

After posting the wheel hoe I made a couple months back (, we've had a lot of interest in releasing the plans. We've been using the hoe and different attachments throughout the spring and are happy with the design. It's amazing how much faster gardening/farming can be with a simple tool like this! By making the handles, body and wheel you can save quite a bit of money. You can buy the standard attachments like the oscillating blade, sweeps, seeder attachment and tines from many garden suppliers. I've finally put in the effort to make a package with all measurements and material requirements. I'm happy to make these plans available for free as long as you use them for personal use and don't profit from them. These plans are not to be posted on other websites as I'd prefer people come here as we may update the plans as we go.


There are two PDF documents in the plan. One document is a 3D PDF which (if you have an updated version of Acrobat) allows you to zoom, pan and rotate the model. This should help you see how everything fits together. PDF document two, is a three page set of drawings to be printed on letter sized paper. The first page is the assembly, the second is individual parts and the last page is a full size template for the wood handles. When printing the document, DO NOT scale as the handles are drafted as 1:1. So now some build notes to help you along the way (more will be added as problems arise):

  1. All metal parts are steel and are welded together. It is possible to bolt the whole thing together, but the drawings are meant for welding the parts.
  2. A fastener list has not been included, so you'll have to figure that out yourself.
  3. The wheel I used was the footrest from an office chair that was about 15" in diameter. You can use a bike tire, wooden tire, or anything round.
  4. I'd recommend painting the finished body with a rust protecting paint. Clean the parts of any grease or dust before painting.
  5. The hole placement is critical as it is the same as the Hoss model. This allows you to buy Hoss parts to fit on your wheel hoe. We have used the oscillating hoe and cultivator teeth and they work perfectly. The cultivator teeth are sold by Lee Valley as replacement parts and don't appear in the catalogue.
  6. The wooden handles were cut from pine planks. The drawing refers to 2" nominal thick wood. Look up nominal thickness of wood before you go shopping.
  7. TYP means typical.
  8. x 3 means three times
  9. All drawings are in inches. We live in a metric country that uses imperial sized steel and wood, hence the inches. We drive in km but build in inches. Makes no sense.
  10. Have fun, build safe, and experiment with the design.

When you're done your wheel hoe, email us some pictures to and we'll post them up here.

If you have any questions or issues as you go, post in the comment below so we can share the solution with everyone else.


PDF drawings of wheel hoe: spadeandfeather_wheelhoe_assembly

3D PDF of wheel hoe: spadeandfeather_wheelhoe_3d

Original wheel hoe post:

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