How to easily peel quail eggs

How to easily peel quail eggs

So, you've followed our directions for How To Boil the Perfect Quail Egg but now you're struggling to peel them. Not to worry. Here are our tips for easily peeling quail eggs.

Fresh eggs are always best, except for hard-boiling. The fresher the egg, the less air in the shell and the better the shell holds onto the white. When trying to peel a fresh egg you'll most likely end up losing half of the white to the shells (FYI the shells are safe to eat and in fact are very nutritious, but it feels like you'r eating sand). You're best off using quail eggs that are at least a week old. If you don't know how old your eggs are (if you buy them from the shops) leave them for a week until you use them, as long as you stay within the best before date.


Now that you've selected the right eggs, you boil them to perfection and then smash them! By cracking shells while the eggs are still hot, you create tiny fractures that will allow cool water between the shells and the egg. To smash your eggs, drain the hot water from the saucepan and place the lid on. With one hand on the handle and the other holding the lid down (important!), jerk the saucepan up and down, causing the eggs to fly up into the lid and cracking. Smash is probably the wrong word. You're looking for enough force to crack the shells, but not enough to pulverize the whites. Once cracked, quickly cool the eggs by filling the saucepan with cold water. The cold water will seep between the shell and the egg. As the egg cools, it will shrink away from the shell and the water will fill the void. Once completely cooled, remove the eggs from the water and pat dry. At this point the eggs will peel nicely, but one last step will make the job even easier.


On a hard surface (counter top, plate, cutting board) roll each egg under the palm of your hand. This will shatter what's left of the shells. If you use these tips you'll most likely be able to peel your quail eggs in one go, unwrapping it like you would unwind string from a ball. If you're still struggling, may we suggest cutting open the eggs and frying them?

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