Float testing quail eggs

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Float testing quail eggs

After incubating your eggs from 21 days, it's time to see if there's anyone home inside. The best way, at this point in time, to see if the eggs are still viable/alive, is to float them in water. The water must be exactly the same temperature as the air in your incubator otherwise you will chill and kill any unhatched chicks. Each egg is carefully lowered into the water. The results are as follows:
  1. If it sinks, it never had a chance.
  2. If it floats high in the water, it is mainly air and not viable.
  3. If it floats low, viable egg.
  4. If it floats and moves, viable egg with a chick wondering who threw it overboard.
The eggs that look to still have a chance should be carefully placed back into the incubator and given a few extra days.

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